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Universities in California
Universities in Florida
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Universities in Colorado
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Universities in Hawaii
Universities in Illinois
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Universities in Michigan
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Study in US

Studying in abroad is the dream of many students, especially those who want to pursue their higher education. More than 672000 international students have enrolled themselves in Colleges and Universities of USA. The unquenchable thirst for higher education in Indian students has frequently guided them to choose U.S. as their preferred destination. To study in top universities of U.S, the first important thing an Indian student needs to procure is a USA student visa.

Why Study In USA?

The percentage of Indian students joining colleges and universities in USA is increasing every year by more than 7%. The practical approach to education and in-depth understanding of technical application of knowledge makes education in US so much sought after. Colleges and universities of U.S offer courses that are meticulously designed to upheld studentís expertise and improve their chances in the competitive world. These courses enhance the leadership qualities in students and enable them to shoulder greater responsibility. U.S universities offer four-year degree courses as well as specific courses for postgraduates. The degree courses in U.S are divided in two parts.

Masters Degree: USA offers masterís degree in many different subjects. Some courses are based on improving studentís understanding of academic area. Other courses are devised to offer students a more professional perspective. Masterís degree from popular universities of U.S allows students to confidently enter their professional life and consequently perform the best.

Doctorate Degree: A doctorate degree ascends a studentís stature in the educational field. Research facilities in USA are considered to be the best. This is why more and more students enroll themselves in the US universities for having a doctorate degree.

Classification Of Universities

The universities of U.S are divided in two categories, on the basis of management, authority and financial structure.

Private Universities Of U.S- In contrary to popular belief, private universities of U.S attract a large amount of students from India and other countries as well. These private universities are costlier than public universities.

Public Universities Of U.S- Public universities are generally taken care of by government. However, their affairs and organization structure remains the same as the private universities.