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Colleges in Hawaii


Hawaii, one of the most picturesque states of United States of America is noted for educating the maximum number of students among the other states in USA with secondary education in independent education institutes. Hawaii proudly offers an interesting and unique culture along with various choices of Colleges. Many students consider Hawaii as the paradise for higher education because of the specialized colleges that the state offers. Being one of the most popular state in United States for being the hub of tourism, business and politic, there is absolutely no wonder why most students choose Hawaii for an ideal location to get their degrees.
Hawaii is home to a number of public as well as private Colleges and Universities. Higher education in Hawaii is very popular thanks to the quality education that the Colleges offer along with a great learning atmosphere. The students who graduate from the secondary education institutes mostly join the Colleges or Universities for further studies while few engage themselves in jobs. There are seven Colleges under the University of Hawaii System overseas.

Hawaii offers relatively lesser number of colleges and adult education Institutes than the other states of USA. Hawaii is considered to be one of the nine states of United States boasting fewer than 30 education Institutes.

Again the number of students that Hawaii offers education to are less than 70000. Only eight other states in the country offer education institutes with less than 70000 students. There are twelve Hawaii colleges that have a total strength of more than 1000 students. Out of these twelve colleges, only six of them are Hawaii community colleges. Seven of the Hawaii colleges have student strength of as little as 100 students. The colleges of Hawaii offer the students a wide range of education programs under several disciplines. There are Theological colleges in Hawaii, Beauty colleges in Hawaii, colleges on hair design, college on medical science, technical colleges etc. Due to the small number of student strength that Hawaii colleges boast, the colleges ensure personalized care of each and every student. Some of the popular majors of the different Hawaii colleges are Health and Allied Services, Business and Commerce, Engineering and Engineering Technologies, Art, Social Sciences and History etc.

One interesting factor about the colleges of Hawaii is that it organizes music festivals coupled with art exhibitions as a part of the extracurricular activities of the students. The Hawaii colleges offer excellent education in various subjects in a great environment that ensures a lucrative career for the students.

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