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Home » Colleges » McCormick Theological Seminary

McCormick Theological Seminary


McCormick Theological Seminary was established in the year 1829 by the Presbyterian Church .It has a campus facility along with the Lutherian School of Theology .The aim of the college is to deliver some excellent Christian administrator to the society. McCormick is famous for its loving and warm atmosphere for the students. This is the most popular theological institute in USA. McCormick Theological Seminary also gives chances to other Christian congregations to study there.

Courses Details:

The mission of the institute is to prepare students for Christian administration. McCormick is famous for its loving and warm atmosphere for the students. Until now, it has a very good record in religious study. The institute offers master level courses on the following subjects.

  • Certificate in Theological Studies
  • Master of Theological Study
  • Master Of Divinity
  • Dual Competency Degree

    Mc Cormick Theological Seminary also offers doctor Of Ministry programs.

    The programs include:

  • Parish revitalization
  • Building Beloved Community-Public ministry
  • Pastoral and Spiritual Care

    Admission Procedures:

    The admission procedure is dived into following parts..

  • Admission for international students.
  • Admission for freshman students.
  • Admission for home school students

    Candidates have to put forward an autobiographical report explaining why he is interested to do courses on theological study. A student also has to submit three confidential letters of reference from the persons who have written about the candidate's educational, religious, and professional qualifications. For admission, a candidate can also apply on line.

    Accommodation facilities

    It has got an excellent campus facility together with the Lutherian School of Theology .In their residential houses students with their family live together. They use to get luxurious arrangements in a calm and peaceful ambiance over there. They have two residential buildings. Students also have got shared three bedroom apartments where they can live without families. .A number of students can stay and study there.There is a library with valuable books available for the students. The campus is well protected and beautified. Students from all over the world come every year to study at Maccormick Theological Seminary.

    Contact Details:

    McCormick Theological Seminary
    5460 S. University
    Chicago, IL 60615