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Sea Education Association Inc


Sea Education Association Inc was founded in 1971. It is a private non profit educational organization which offers courses in sailing at sea. The institute has two vessels. The students are taken on these vessels to study the different aspects of sea. They study the chemistry, biology, physics and geology of the oceans. The students get the opportunity to design their own research projects. They learn about the history and culture of the mariners. The students also learn about the major policy issues.

Course Details:

Sea Education Association Inc offers a wide variety of courses. The courses are as follows:

  • Ocean Exploration: this course combines the natural sciences, social sciences and public policy. This course can be pursued by students from all academic majors
  • Documenting change in the Caribbean: the student study the European colonialism in the history, culture and marine environment of the Caribbean. The students who are interested in humanities and social science can pursue the subjects.

  • Oceans & Climate: The course deal with the role of the oceans in global climate change. The upper level science major students can opt for this oceanography focused program
  • Sustainability in Polynesian Island Cultures and Ecosystems: This course is a study of the dilemma of environmental and cultural sustainability in French Polynesia. This course is suitable for the students interested in environmental studies, humanities and social sciences. The course is anticipated to be launched in 2011.
  • Summer session: The 8 week version of ocean exploration program. The students from all academic majors can pursue this program.

    Admission Procedures:

    The students obtaining admission in Sea Education Association Inc will have to complete an application form which the students can either download from the website or they can also apply online. The students will have to submit an application fee of $45. The students can also apply for financial help in Sea Education Association Inc. The students will have to submit two essays answering why the student want to pursue the program and what do they expect to gain from the experience at the institution. They will also have to answer how the course complements their education. The other essay can be written on any topic of the students' choice. The students will have to submit their high school and college transcripts and two academic references. Finally the student will have to have an interview with the admission counselor.

    Accommodation facilities:

    Sea Education Association Inc does not offer any residential facilities. The students will have to be present on the vessel to learn about the sea.

    Contact Details:

    Sea Education Association Inc
    171 Woods Hole Road
    Massachusetts 02540
    Phone number: (508) 540 3954